Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day - Billy Coffey

Living in New Zealand , well the North Island to be more accurate, we don't really know the meaning of a Snow Day. In saying this I mean we all know what it is , but we have never had the opportunity to experience one as of course it doesn't snow in the North Island.

Snow Day: A Novel

Review: Snow Day- Billy Coffey - October 2010

It's Christmas time and for Peter instead of happiness and cheer, it holds worry and anxiety as due to downsizing at the factory where Peter has worked for 20+ plus years he stands to lose his job, his financial security. When a snow day occurs, Peter decides to take the day off work and his wife Amy sets him off to work , with the first stop to pick up supplies from  the local SuperMart. It is at the supermarket that Peter meets a whole lot of different characters , makes some new friends and catches up with old ones from his past. From an old couple in love , to a secret santa in a pick-up truck to an old classmate whom they last saw each other when they were 18 and in their last year of high school.
It is during this Snow Day, that Peter will not only re-discover the true meaning of Christmas but also the meaning of love, family, friendship but he will also find his way back to having a strong relationship with God and just like his wife Amy, putting all his trust in him.
This book is along the lines as "The Ultimate Gift" and "The Shack" and many more short, sweet and inspirational christian tales.

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