Review: Wicked Lovely- Desert Tales -Vol 2: Challenge

I don't normally read Graphic novels but after reading Wicked Lovely : Volume One , I just had to give number 2 a go as I was hooked so of course, when I went to  the library next , I added it to my reading pile.

Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales, Volume 2: Challenge

Review : Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales : Volume 2: Challenge - April 2010

In book #2 Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales : Volume 2: Challenge we see the relationship between Rika and Jayce flourishing , yet of course in a world of mortal and faeries. There are a few that are not too happy about them being together and wish to destroy Rika. One in particular is angry and decides to attack Rika by hurting the one fae she cares about Shy and then by teaming up with the one fae who she despises the most -the fae who turned her from her mortal self into a faerie for his own selfish reasons - The Winter King. Now in order to restore peace and balance back into the Desert Kingdom . Rika must get herself re-involved with faerie politics and contact an old friend - the new Winter Queen Doria. Can these two work together to restore peace between the mortal and the fae world or will it crumble as the Winter King steps up his game.
This graphic novel is perfect for fans of Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely Books ( 5 in the series) and for those fans of the supernatural creature - the fae and readers keep an eye out for Book #3 Resolve.


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