The Shard Fence - Keith Madsen


                                  Synopsis : The Shard Fence - Keith Madsen - 2010

The Shard Fence is the story of a North American young man and a Brazilian young woman who teach a church in Belo Horizonte to tap faith in God to fight violence and drugs in their Brazilian favela. In this work of inspirational fiction, young Brandon McCallister responds to a request through a Facebook connection to help Brazilian children learn English and piano. But shortly after he arrives, the pastor of the church in the favela is murdered by a drug lord; and he and the young Brazilian woman who invited him to this challenge, Aline Reis, have to lead the church in fighting the ensuing violence. Aline's strong faith in God, along with Brandon's gift of encouragement and ability to use music to lift the soul, rally the church. Together they learn the truth of Christ's words, "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul." This novel is based on the author's short-term mission trip to Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The place he worked with at the time was Junta Administrativa de Missões, called JAMI, a training school for Brazilian Baptists going out on mission work, and the author is dedicating 20% of his proceeds from this book to the work of JAMI.


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