Review: It's a Green Thing - Melody Carlson

Today's book is Book #2 in the Diary of a Teenage Girl series by Christian Teen/Adults author Melody Carlson. This book does contain alot of references, more so than book #1 in the series about God and Christianity.

It's a Green Thing (Diary of a Teenage Girl: Maya, Book 2)

Review : It's A Green Thing - Diary of a Teenage Girl Book #2 Maya - Melody Carlson- Feb 2009

At the end of Book #1 we saw Maya Stark's life have a transformation as she her mother was placed into prison for drug charges and her dad on tour , Maya moved in with her Uncle Allen and Cousin Kim and started attending High-School , a real school-the first time since she was 12yrs old. We also saw the influence that Kim and her friends Chloe and Caitlin had on Maya and us readers witnessed Maya's committment to becoming a Christian. In Book #2 It's A Green thing, we read as it's summer time and Maya has put her name down to help paint a mural for the local youth drop-in centre, unfortunately for her the only other person who showed up was Marissa Phillips , who had been sentenced community service hours. Soon the mural with the help of friends becomes a team job, when one of the girls falls off the scaffolding and discovers that Maya's dad is the Famous Nick Stark, her parents decide to sue for damages etc. Soon all the stress starts ti build up on Maya considering that she has enough already to worry about with her mum's appeal coming up and boyfriend issues. Is Maya ready to become a Christian or will her interaction during summer change her mind about the walk as throughout the book we see Caitlin and Maya have some deep discussions about Christianity. However with every negative comes a positive as Maya's Uncle runs the newspaper and offers Maya the chance to write her own Green tips column -hence the title of this book "It's a Green thing" and the second is that her father stops by town and agrees to play at a fundraising concert and even attends church with her on Sunday. Could 70-s-80's rockstar Nick Stark also becoming closer and reunited with God ?


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