Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: A Life in the Slow Lane - Thomas A. Sullivan

Today's book is a rare oddity as I don't normally review Non-Fiction unless it's Christian Non-Fiction very often on my site.

Life In The Slow Lane: Surviving A Tour Of Duty In Drivers Education

Review: Life in the Slow Lane - Thomas A. Sullivan

When an industry requires a regulation stating that no company “shall be operated from a bar, liquor tent, or phone answering service”, you know your new job teaching teenagers is going to be strange.

Ever wondered what it would be like to teach teenagers and the occasional older person how to drive ? Remain calm and steadfast and try to rein that anger in when you have a non-listener in the car with you ?
Ever wondered what really goes on in a driver's education lesson , are they really as normal as they sound or can they get a bit out of hand ?
Life in the Slow Lane by Thomas .A. Sullivan answers all those questions you ever wondered about Driver's Ed Instructors. Spending a year teaching Driver's Ed. Thomas recounts the year in his book where it starts from the interview and the load of paperwork and material he had to read to become an instructor to learning more than he wanted about poorly maintained cars, calm kids with angry parents, inefficient efficiency campaigns, too-rapid business expansion, and suburban angst. Oh, yes, and a bit about mustaches. There's something for everyone in Life in the Slow Lane and Parents when you read this book, you will be thankful it's somebody else teaching your kids and dealing with this on a day-to-day basis and not you.
Life in the Slow Lane takes you through chapters of humouress stories , tales about broken down cars, pre-adolescent teenagers and old veterans.
If you are learning to drive yourself, then I advise not to read this tale as it mught put you a tad off driving , but if you are one who has been driving for years , you can read , sit back and have a chuckle to yourself - as you read Thomas's stories and reply "I did that" LOL.

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