Review : A Pursuit of Justice - DiAnn Mills

Today's book is a Edgy Christian Fiction , that completes Christian Fiction with a hint of murder and intrigue as the FBI get involved.

Pursuit of Justice (Call of Duty)

Review : Pursuit of Justice - Book #3 - Call of Duty Series -DiAnn Mills - September 2010

All Bella Jordan has ever worked for is about to come true, if she can crack this next case that she is assigned too. FBI Special Agent Bella Jordan, is up for a major promotion and if she can solve a triple homicide in the country , then the promotion may have her name on it. Unfortunately for Bella, this isn't going to be a cut and dry case as it involves her returning to the town she ran away from when she was fifteen years old and two of the main suspects happens to be the two people she ran away from -her father Stanton Warwick and Brandt Richardson. When the dead bodies turn up on Carl Sullivan's land , all fingers start pointing to him , however Bella is not exactly certain what role he plays just that the blasts from her pasts are involved. Can Bella solve this case quick and fast or will it require her to connect with the family that she ran away from fourteen years ago, the family who know her as Rachel Warwick not Bella Jordan. As more people die and Bella is shot, it seems that the only way to solve this case is to let her past unravel and in order to solve it , Bella must revisit the demons that she experienced as fifteen year old Rachel. However have things changed or are people still the same as Bella comes face to face with her Dad who seems that God has touched his life and changed him , but if her dad is no longer in partnership with Brandt , who from Bella's past is calling the shots ?
Find out in A Pursuit of Justice , a book that will have you in circles and one that is written well that you will be kept intrigued as the storylines progress.


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