Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: Love Him to Pieces - A Graphic Novel - Evonne Tsang

Today's book is a Graphic novel which for someone who doesn't normally read them , they seem to be featuring more than often on my site . This review copy was provided from www.netgalley.com and of course , this is one of my favourite things about Netgalley , this book isn't available for purchase till April 2011 and we are only in February,so if you are a book reviewer it is really worth joining and proves to be beneficial.

My Boyfriend Is a Monster 1: I Love Him to Pieces

Review: My Boyfriend is a Monster #1 : I Love him to Pieces - Evonne Tsang - April 2011

Talking to one of the selectors at work , just the other day. She buys for the Adult Fiction, Top Titles and Large Print. We were discussing how Vampires tend to be on their way out in a sense and that the new creature starting to appear in novels is in fact - the Zombie. Which surprisingly was interesting as Vampires are known for their seductiveness , hotness etc and Zombies are known for their disgusting appearances and the fact they want to eat your brains and have speech impediments.
The release of this Teen graphic novel goes to show that she was in fact correct as it was about Zombies, though in this case -there was two types -the brain eating zombies and the super cute guy who unfortunately was bitten by a zombie and destined to turn into one.

It all starts with the old egg experiment , you know the one -the one where you are paired up with a guy from your class , you are given an egg and told to treat it like a baby for the week , sometimes it's an egg or sometimes it's been a bag of flour , at my school we were given proper crying baby dolls that were almost lifelike - cried every so many hours -only way to stop it was to put a key in it's back. Anyway enough reminiscing and back to the story. Jock Dicey Bell is paired up with Nerd Jack Chen - soon what became as a school assignment starts to mean much more as the two decide to skip school and go out on a date. Unfortunately fate isn't going to be nice to them , as whilst on their date- a Zombie outbreak hits their town . Soon Dicey and Jack are on the run to help save others from the Zombies and themselves as of course Jack's parents know alot about Zombies and this particular virus as at the exact same time , they are in Mexico researching it. Soon Jack is bitten during a fight with a Zombie , has his parents found a cure or will Jack become a Zombie ? Will their newfound love for one another fall apart in the midst of this Zombie outbreak or will it bring them closer together ?
Find out all this and more in the first book My Boyfriend is a Monster #1 : Love Him to Pieces and stay tuned readers as I review Book #2.


  1. Sounds cute!

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  2. hi!!! lovely blog!! i'm a follower :)

  3. Love your blog! I like the sound of this book. I'm going to add it to my TBR list!

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  4. This title sounds familiar. It might have been on one of our lists for the library. And I have to agree with you, it does seem that vampires are on the way out. I'm not a huge fan of zombies, but this graphic novel does sound good. :) We'll see about adding it into the collection. Thanks for visiting and following, new follower right back.


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