Thursday, February 9, 2012

VBT# Legacy of Eden - Nelle Davy Part 1/3

What do all these three have in common - Unfettered Ambitions , familial schisms and dark secrets ?
The answer lies within Nelle Davy's new book "The Legacy of Eden" .
In this three part VBT# we have An excerpt today , on February 17th - a Guest Post and on the 22nd of February to conclude - a review.

The Legacy of Eden - Nelle Davy - February 2012
“So you knew then?” I somehow managed. For a moment I thought she had gone, as there was only silence and then, “Yes.”
I digested this. “I see,” I said and I did, with painful clarity. This was a mistake.
“I told them I didn’t want anything to do with it,” she volunteered. “They could do what they wanted.” She gave a small laugh. “They even asked me about funeral arrangements. I told them the only way I would help would be if I could make sure he was really dead.”
I winced. I hate this side to her, especially because I am part of the reason why it is there.
“It’s all gone you know? The farm…” she began. “In the end it was riddled with debt. They’re going to sell it, did you know that?” She stopped and when she began again, her voice broke. “It was all for nothing and she’ll never know it.”
There was a pause.
“What will you tell them?” she asked eventually.

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