Review : A Year on Ladybug Farm - Donna Ball

Looking for a new chicklit book to read as we enter into the 2nd month of 2012 ? Prefer something that features the older woman rather than the younger crowd ? More The Sister Circle than Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants ?
Review: A Year on Ladybug Farm - Donna Ball - March 2009
Ever wondered what life would be like if you one day packed up everything you ever knew and took a risk , something unknown and strange to you ?
For three best friends , all in their late fifties that's exactly what they did. Cici, Bridget and Lindsey have all had their fair share of troubles and triumphs but when Bridget's husband Jeff dies she is left wondering , is this is it ? What has she done with her life ?
Soon , the three friends are travelling and looking at houses in the middle of nowhere and come across a mansion for sale . On the spurge of the moment , the three women pile their life savings into purchasing the house. The catch though is this house is in need of a dire fix-me-upper and the three women are about to discover that making a house livable isn't an easy task. Especially when we discover that their families don't think that they are up to it and this pushes the three to prove themselves further. A Year on Ladybug farm features an amazing line-up of characters from Cici, Bridget and Lindsey to $10 Farley , a busy-body housekeeper and Noah - a delinquent wannabe artist . A fun and inspirational chick lit novel about three retired women , taking the risk of their lifetime as the words of Bridget - We aren't getting younger only older .
Fans of Nancy Moser and Vonette Bright's The Sister Circle Series , will thoroughly enjoy The Year on Ladybug Farm.


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