Review: The Detective and the Unicorn / Centaur of the Crime

Looking for books that your children and teenagers can read ? A series that crosses over ? Are they past the Junior fiction section but not yet at the level of Teens ?
Author Michael Angel has released two novels that are perfect for those who are entering the teen section as they are clean and still at the stage of using imagination rather than the romance and dating , and edgy content that many teen books focus on these days.
Review: The Detective and The Unicorn - Michael Angel - June 2011
Do you love Urban Fantasy novels ? Have you read The Hunt of the Unicorn by CC Humphreys or Thomas Sniegoski's A Kiss before Apocalypse series ? This is what "The Detective and the Unicorn" reminded me of as the novel starts in the world of LA and ends up with our characters in a mystical world called Morningland which I loved that name as it definitely went with the unicorn theme. The novel starts when a warlock from Morningland is found murdered , the Warlock's friend is a detective in the real world and now it's up to Derek to find out who killed his magical warlock friend. However, is new partner in solving crimes is not like you or me - it is a unicorn named Tavia and she knows exactly who killed the warlock.  The pair team up to capture Teach as they discover he is planning to unleash an ancient evil over both Morningland and Earth which will create a major saradoodledom (chaos).  Can Derek and Tavia solve not only the crime of who killed their friend but the entire two world's civilisation before apocalypse happens.
One thing that I loved in the Detective and the Unicorn is that Michael brought into the novel alot of the Unicorn Myths from the point of it's horn which can either kill someone or heal somebody , whether in order to tame a unicorn that you have to be a pure virgin as we saw in CC Humphrey's book "The Hunt of the Unicorn".

Review: Centaur of the Crime - Michael Angel - June 2011
Michael's second book follows the same theme as set between the two worlds and both worlds nearly succumbing to being in a war that will cause millions to perish. It must be my reading of fantasy novels as when I think of this one mainly because of the Centaur- the books "Percy Jackson" by Rick Riordan pop into my head. In Centaur of the Crime , the detective is a female Dayna Christie , she works for the LAPD Crime scene analysis team.  When a murder occurs at the local construction site , Dayna is called down to investigate and her eyes set sight on a gold medallion , where did it come from ? What was it doing near the victim ? .
The gold medallion turns out to be a summoning piece and Dayna finds herself transported to the world of Andeluvia. Someone has killed their realm's king and it is up to Dayna to solve the crime and capture the murdering guilty party.  When the crime leads her between both worlds, things get crazy and soon Dayna is feeling the pressure as if she doesn't hurry the people of Andeluvia may rise up in revolt as each day she spends solving the crime is one day of planning between the Andeluvians and Centaur Kingdoms.
A fun series that reminds me overall of Chuck Black's Kingdom Series and Donita K. Paul's Dragon Series.


  1. I love THE DETECTIVE & THE UNICORN! It's such an amazing story. Thanks for posting this great review of Michael Angel's work.


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