Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: Demon Princess : Reign or Shine - Michelle Rowen

Did you enjoy books like Tate Hallaway's Vampire Princess or Beth Fantaskey's Jessica Series ? If, so get ready for Michelle Rowen's series of Demon Princess .
Review: Demon Princess : Reign or Shine - Book #1 Demon Princess Series - Michelle Rowen - September 2009
Starting a new school can always be stressful , finding new friends, easing into groups of friends who have known each other for years and been best friends since kindergarten and trying to adjust to her mum's new husband can be very difficult. Nikki Donovan is sixteen and starting another brand new school , life is stressful enough without adding any other big bombs in her life. When things are starting to look up for Nikki , the popular girl at school wants to be her friend and one of the hottest guys in school wants to be her boyfriend, life is going perfect. However, Nikki's mother has been hiding a secret about who Nikki's dad is - He is in fact a Demon King in the Shadowlands and now he wants to meet Nikki and has sent one of his servant's Michael to bring Nikki to the kingdom as he has a secret. Nikki's father is dying and now Nikki is next in line to take the throne. Meanwhile whilst in Shadowlands , Nikki meets a fairy king named Rhys , what happens when Rhys turns up in Nikki's world and school as a foriegn exchange student ? Which world will Nikki choose - Shadowlands or Earth , and when her heartstrings are tugged between Chris and Michael - Who will she choose ? Also involved in the book Demon Princess is a few scenes of Domestic abuse between Nikki's mother and her new husband ? Will Nikki's powers prove to be dangerous around him as he hurts the one person she cares most about in the world ?
Find out in Book #1 and stay tuned for Book #2 Reign Check by Michelle Rowen.

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  1. I wish I am a demon princess and as beautiful as her. Nice book.


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