Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Like Sweet Potato Pie - Jennifer Rogers Spinola

Looking for a southern Christian chick-lit book ? Have you read Jennifer's series "Southern Fried Sushi" ?
Review: Like Sweet Potato Pie - Southern Fried Sushi Book #2 - Jennifer Rogers Spinola - March 2012
Once working a great job writing in Japan, Shiloh was living the fast life of work and fun times until one day she was accused of plagarism and fired, around the same time her mother passed away and Shiloh inherited her house in Staunton, Virginia. Seeing this as an opportunity to escape, Shiloh high-tails to Staunton with plans to re-vamp the house and sell it and then restart her former life in Japan. However, Shiloh being away for the past seven years is about to get a culture shock as she goes from city-life to redneckville as where on earth in Staunton will she find Sushi and if the food is anything like it used to be it will definitely be deep fried . Can Shiloh go about her business and start renovating the house for sale before finding herself attached to someone - Adam in Staunton , a member of the local church ? As Shiloh struggles between coming to do what she planned - selling the house and hightailing it out of there and feeling that maybe she was supposed to be here and settle down , it seems her troubles continue with her half-sister Ashley contesting that half of the profits from the house are hers and she's willing to do anything even if it means playing dirty to get her hands on the money.
The only downside about Like Sweet Potato Pie was that in parts the novel was a tad slow , which if you were reading for pleasure and like your books fast-paced may put you off finishing the novel.
A fun novel that has Shiloh teaching us that when things like relationships, friendships and families get too hot to handle , we need to take a step back and look at it Like Sweet Potato Pie on a warm day.

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