Friday, February 10, 2012

Diviner - Bryan Davis

Looking for a Christian fantasy novel for your teens ?
Synopsis: Diviner - Book #3 Dragons of Starlight Series - Bryan Davis - September 2011
Diviner, by Bryan Davis, is the third book in the Dragons of Starlight series. In the first two books, a few brave heroes leave their planet to travel to a world where they seek to free people who have been cruelly enslaved by dragons. They meet up with other humans and a few dragons who are working toward the same goal, and find that some from both worlds have special powers. While learning how and when to use these powers, various wrong choices are made, leading to more and more trouble along the way and separation of the team. We find our team of heroes coming back together in Diviner, but still not sure of each other or of their powers. They must rely on each other, but complications over romantic feelings, competition, and mistrust could threaten their mission.
For all those that Love Fantasy novels and enjoyed Chuck Black's Kingdom Series and Donita K.Paul's Dragon series will enjoy Bryan Davis's books.

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