Review : Ruby Redfort - Look into my Eyes - Lauren Child

Looking for a Children's fiction book to read ? Something suitable for your daughters agde 9-13yrs ? Are they fans of Nancy Drew or Harriet the Spy ?
Check out Lauren Child's latest development :
Review : Ruby Redfort - Look into my Eyes - Book #1 Ruby Redfort Series - Lauren Child - March 2012
Are you a fan of Lauren Child's books ? Have you read the Clarice Bean books to your children ? If so, then you may recall the name Ruby Redfort who is a detective that Clarice loves to read about . If you are like me and answered no, then I am about to introduce to you the Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy like character of the year 2012. Growing up I was always a Harriet of the Spy girl , with my little notebook in hand writing away. The generation before that was Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys and before that the Famous Five. 2012 brings us 13yr old Ruby Redfort , she is a genius when it comes to cracking codes. When her parents return home from their trip aboard with the Jade Buddha exhibition, things take a turn for Crazy as her housekeeper Mrs. Digby is kidnapped and their furniture is stolen and ontop of that a new butler arrives who Ruby suspects something is a little off with him. It turns out though, that he is in fact a Secret Agent for an Spy agency called Spectrum and they want to recruit Ruby as they have a code-cracking assignment that is top priority . Can Ruby crack the code and find out what is happening ? Will Ruby though be able to keep it all a secret from her best friend Clancy without losing him ? Is Ruby cut out to be a Secret Agent juggling School, Friends and her Family life ? .
What I really loved about Ruby is her collection of Tshirts , as I am a big Tshirt Statement girl and as we went through the book and read some of her tshirt designs , I was like "I want that".
A great read by Lauren Child aimed at Girls aged 9-13yrs.


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