Monday, February 13, 2012

Review: Sweet Inspirations - Penny Watson

Wanting a nice spicy Christmas tale ? Something sweet and tasty ?
Review: Sweet Inspiration - Klaus Brothers Series #1 - Penny Watson- December 2009
Ever thought that Santa Claus was a myth and that there is no such thing as elves ? Well, readers forget everything that you have ever been taught about Santa Claus as that's the myth . He in fact does exist and lives in the North Pole or as described in the book "Glasdorf" which is translated to a City under Glass. In Glasdorf , lives Nicolas Klaus , his wife Annette and their five sons. It is tradition for the oldest son which would be Nicolas Jnr to take over his father's work of being "Santa" . However, Nicolas loves nothing more than to bake and lately he has been spending more and more time in Sunderland -which is the normal world of us mere mortals. There is he attracted to Lucy, she owns the bakery Sweet Inspirations.  When tragedy strikes , Nicolas takes her to Glasdorf to be healed and it is here that she discovers all about who Nicolas Klaus is and the real truth about Santa. As Lucy and Nicolas fall deep and madly in love , they become closer . However, when it's time for Nicolas to take his rightful position , will Lucy give up her life and bakery Sweet Inspirations for a life of love and happiness with Nicolas or will she remain in the "real world".
A lovely and sweet with ahint of spice , Sweet Inspirations is a wonderful Christmas tale which I look forward to reading about the other Klaus Brothers.

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