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VBT# I Love You More than Chocolate - Melanie Milburn

As we turn to celebrate Valentine's Day this February 14th , I bring to you a lovely Children's Picture book called "I Love you more than ..... Chocolate" by Melanie Milburn and Illustrated by Cindy Coleman.
Review: I Love you More than ...... Chocolate - Melanie Milburn and Illus. Cindy Coleman - Dec 2011
Have you got children ? Do you want to show them just how much they mean to you ? Reading, I Love you more than Chocolate was a cute read and reminded me of the book "I Love You More" which features a bunny parent and child around the different seasons of the year and then in Goodnight Moon, I love you to the moon and back. Author Melanie Milburn has decided to combine her two favourite things Children and Chocolate - both convienently starting with "C" to bring together a fabulous and well illustrated children's book thanks to Cindy Coleman for her pictures. The book reads like a simple rhyme and for those who love music and want to read the book to their child, they now have not only the perfect bedtime story but a lovely lullaby to go along with the words of the story. The lullaby has a nice jazz feel to it which is soothing to the child as they fall to sleep and as my job as a Children's Librarian - this makes a perfect resource for my Toddler time collection.
This is one book , that I think every parent should have in their collection.

Funny Things Kids Have Said - Melanie Milburn

During my 18 years of teaching preschool, I have heard the children say some pretty funny things. 
Occasionally, I like to tease the preschool parents and tell them I am writing a book about some of the funny things their children have said, and I threaten to use their real names.  I would never really do that, I’m just teasing.  Well, maybe teasing.
Here are some funny things that kids have said to me over the years.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent. 

One day my husband, Joe walks into the preschool and Molly says to me, “Miss Melanie, is that your Daddy?”
CHILD:  “Miss Melanie, did you know my mom is a queen?”
ME:  “No, I did not. What is she the queen of?”   
CHILD:  “She is the margarita queen!”

 I am talking to a little girl outside on the playground and I say, “It sure is hot outside today.  Don’t you think it is hot?”
CHILD:  “Yeah, it is hot.  Do you know what else is hot?” 
ME:  “What?” 
CHILD:  “My Daddy’s hot.  Yup, my mom says that all the time.”
 Sarah asks Dylan, “Will you marry me when I grow up?  Nope, sorry, I am going to marry my sister.”
It is lunchtime and two boys are talking about kissing.  “Have you ever kissed a girl?” Levi asks Sam. 
SAM:  “Nope and I never will.  My mom says that kissing a girl is like licking an ashtray.  Sounds pretty yucky to me.”

Little boy arrives late to school. He is visibly upset.  He says, “I’m sorry I am late today.  Mommy and Daddy would not come out of the shower!”
And last but not least, my favorite.
JOHNNY:  “ Miss Melanie, you know how you love me more than chocolate”?
ME:  “Yes, Johnny, I do”. 
JOHNNY:  “Well, I love you more than ice cream with gummy bears, sprinkles, and marshmallows!”

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

About the author:
Melanie Milburn is Director of New Horizons Preschool in Durango, Colorado, where she has been teaching for 18 years.  She has been writing songs for over 20 years and has produced two CDs for children.  Melanie recently transformed one of her songs into a book titled, “I Love You More Than Chocolate”.  The book comes with a CD of Melanie singing the book and children love being able to listen to the CD while turning the pages of the book.  To learn more about Melanie and her book go to her website, www.melaniemilburn.com

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