Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Girl Talk : 180 Q&A's - Nicole O'Dell

Looking for a book to help your teenage daughters ? Something to help them with their walk with the lord and the modern world and the pressures that go with it ?
Review: Girl Talk - 180 Q&A - Nicole O'Dell - February 2012
Are you or do you have a teenage daughter ? Wanting her to get closer with the Lord but finding it hard with the modern world and all it's pressures ? Teen Christian author Nicole O'Dell who normally writes fiction based on real-life peer pressure scenarios has compiled a list of 180 Questions and Answers to help your teen to get through today's world with God still on her side. In this book, you’ll find 180 questions along with answers and related scriptures
that will both encourage and challenge you in your faith walk. We’ve included some of the questions we’ve posted on the website, but most of the ones you’ll read in this book are brand new. They’re all actual questions from real girls who have struggled with tough issues.
Have questions about life stuff—relationships, character, body image, fashion gossip. . . ? Look no further with Girl Talk!
With each topic comes a question from an everyday teen girl like you and me and answered by Nicole and a friend Natalie , inputing God into the answers.
This is one of those life-guides that I recommend every Teenage Girl , no matter if they are Christian or not should have on her bookshelf as depending on the question they can flick to the appropiate page .

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  1. Thanks so much! :)

    It was so much fun writing this with my daughters! I'm so glad you liked it!


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