Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Breathe by Abbi Glines

Looking for a new teen author to read ? Have a soft spot for Indie authors ?
Check out Abbi Gline's book "Breathe".
Review: Breathe - Abbi Glines - May 2011
One of my favourite things about book blogging and belonging to book groups online and in the world of social networking is that you get to discover new authors , ones that you may never have ventured onto on your own. One of the books recommended to me on a FB group I belong to was Breathe by Abbi Glines and OMG It was an awesome book and I loved it.
If you love the tale of Cinderella or have ever seen those films like Another Cinderella Story or A Cinderella Story : Once Upon a Song , Popstar crossed with Maid in Manhattan but imagining Jennifer Lopez as a teenage girl , then you have Breathe . Breathe follows the tale of Sadie whose mum Jessica is about to have another baby , Jessica though wouldn't be your average mum as she relies on Sadie to help provide for the household ( something that I was semi-familiar with). Sadie, needing a job to help keep the house afloat takes over her mum's job for the summer working as a housemaid for the Stones. The Stones as we are about to discover is the family of teen popstar Jax Stone , at first Sadie is unimpressed by him as Celebrities aren't her style but as the two get to know each other they become an item . However, with celebrities comes paparazzi , pressure and music tours - eventually Jax and Sadie break and this almost kills her. Jax re-appears , but is he home for good ? Can Jax and Sadie rekindle their romance or was it just another Summer fling ?
Breathe by Abbie Glines is definitely a must-read for all those fans like myself whose favourite fairy-tale happens to be Cinderella.

Question Time for the Readers :

Who would you have playing your "Jax Stone" ?
I thought hard about it and though Jax Stone is depicted as a dark-haired in the novel or thats the impression I got, I couldn't help but imagine my Jax Stone as Paul Reid - who used to play Marshall Heywood on Shortland Street and now lives in LA playing in the band Rubicon. Either him or Benji/Joel from Good Charlotte.

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