Review: By the Time you Read this - Lola Jaye

Looking for a nice chick lit novel to settle with ?
Review: By the time you read this - Lola Jaye - January 2008
Growing up , as you read magazines I don't know if you are like me but I come across all these amazing ideas that when I have children , I eventually want to do and create. One of them is a manual of sorts , written about different things that your child may experience growing up etc , things about yourself at that age . For main character Lois , our novel starts when she is twelve years old and her mother has just remarried the Bingo Guy. Lois can't believe her mum is remarrying since it was only not that long ago when her father died making their threesome into a twosome until her mum meet the Bingo Guy and wham bam instant family. On the night of her mother's wedding , her Aunt Lo appears with a book titled "The Manual". It was something that Lois's father Kevin put together for her just before he died.  The Manual contained a letter that she was to open every year from her 12th birthday right up to her 30th -the age he was when he died and along the way little footnotes and appendixes about her life's journeys and things that she may be experiencing. 
. Though as the novel gets on , we discover really if "The Manual" is causing Lois to hold back in finding the perfect guy or will any guy measure up to her image of "the perfect dad and husband".
Will Lois discover that Mr. Right has been there with her all along and her nose has just been stuck in the "Manual" to notice him ?
By the Time you read this follows Lois through a lifetime of events such as firsts , boyfriends, fiancees , jobs , dating , flatmates and the ups and downs of friendship and families , an enjoyable novel that you will want to continue reading for the sole purpose of finding out what's in the next letter her dad wrote.


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