Thursday, February 9, 2012

VBT# Gods and Fathers - James LePore

What would you do if your child was suspected of a crime ?
Review : Gods and Fathers - James LePore - February 2012
Have you ever loved someone so much that you were willing to do all that you can in your power and more to protect them ?
Reading Gods and Fathers reminded me of the books by James Scott Bell and the episode of Veronica Mars and more currently The Lying Game . What would you do if your child was accused and suspected of murder ? Would you do everything in your power to prove their innocence ? The issue of this has shown up in a few books and quite a few TV episodes. It's a tough question.
In Gods and Fathers we meet Matt DeMarco , he is a well-known and respected lawyer , he has built up a reputation . The only downside is that he is divorced and his wife took their son with her. Estranged from his family , he gets on with burying himself in his job. We are presented with a case of a brother killung his sister in what was called "an Honor Killing". The case seemed pretty straight-forward until events change and Matt discovers that is son Michael has now been suspected of Murder , Did he do it or has he been framed ?
A thrilling and fast-paced story which sees Matt dig deeper into the case and as witnesses etc start turning up dead , does somebody want Michael to admit to the murder ? Are they covering up something bigger?
Gods and Fathers is a thrilling and raw ride as we read the lengths that a parent will go to save their child , a father's unconditional love.

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