Review: Ruthless - Sara Shepard

Gosh , looking at the picture above - doesn't the cast of Pretty Little Liars look all grown up dressed and with their hair like this , I almost didn't recognise them .
You either will love and adore this series or you won't but for me OMG I love it to bits and not just the tv series but also the books which follow a similar but different thread to them.
Get ready for my review of Book# 10 Ruthless by Sara Shepard.
Review: Ruthless - Book #10 Pretty Little Liars Series - Sara Shepard - Decemeber 2011
I'm pretty surprised that they are still using the doll-like covers for Sara Shepard's latest Pretty Little Liar books as I know that once the series was released on TV they changed the covers of the first 8 books but books 9-11 have reverted back to the doll characters which we discover the relevance of the dolls at the end of the PLL show before it went on it's small hiatus.  Back to book world though of Pretty Little Liars , we remember in Book#9 Twisted how the girls killed Tabitha Clark thinking that she was Ali and now in Book #10 the secret of that is at large.
In Book #10 Ruthless , Hanna's dad Tom is nearing his way into the Senator's seat for his campaign and the election - when Hanna makes a suggestion to hit the local colleges , it all goes well and she even meets a hunky boy - Liam but it turns out that Liam is hiding a secret , he is the son of her dad's biggest rival Tucker Wilkinson. Is this to be a Romeo and Juliet like relationship ? Will "A" or Kate be the one to spill the beans to her dad before Hanna can put a stop to things ?
At the end of Book#9 , we read about Aria breaking up with Noel Kahn over Noel's seductive and lying foreign exchange student Klaudia. All Aria wants is her life back and to be happy again , the last time she was happy was with teacher Ezra Fitz. We read the arrival of Ezra , but will Aria get her happy ever after with Mr.Fitz or will Klaudia stick her claws into him too. Will Klaudia succeed in taking over Aria's life and having exactly what Aria wants ? Who will Aria end up with by the end of the novel - Mr. Fitz or Noel Kahn ?
Spencer , has just returned home after a stint at the Penn State Summer Programme just before starting college. However, over the summer Spencer and her roommate Kelsey got caught up in something bad - drugs called "Easy A". When they are busted , will Spencer and Kelsey both go down or does Spencer have a plan up her sleeve with the help of the Pretty Little Liars to save her own skin ?
Last, but not least is Emily , ready to start anew -her older sister Beth is home and decides to take Emily on the town. Emily meets a girl named Kay , who she begins to get close too but Kay is not what she seems as she knows more about Emily and her friends than she is letting on - she knows about Jamacia and Spencer. Who is Kay and what will happen when she has Emily wrapped around her little finger ?
Will it be bye, bye to Emily Fields and the foursome become a threesome ?
Find out in Book #10 Ruthless and stay tuned as I review Book #11 of the Pretty Little Liars series.


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