Review: Three to get Deadly - Janet Evanovich

Are you a Stephanie Plum fan ? Looking forward to the movie coming up with Katherine Heigl ?
I am so excited , I had always for some reason put off reading the series and then a friend recommended them to me and once I read and devoured the first one -One for Money I was hooked.
So , for readers - here's Three to Get Deadly .
Review: Three to get Deadly - Book #3 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - July 1998
Stephanie Plum seems to be one of the most notorious and infamous Bounty hunters around with a knack for getting herself into trouble and sticky situations. She doesn't mean too , it's just that trouble tends to follow her very closely and as we read about her adventures we start to wonder whether her mum is right and that Stephanie should give up her job as a Bounty Hunter and get a job working in the Button factory. When Stephanie recieves her next Bounty Hunter job she cringes , as the FTA is Uncle Mo , the local candy store owner in Trenton - the suburb where she grew up and her parents live . This is going to be harder than it looks though as Mo's candy store is shut , which is odd as in the thirty years Stephanie has been around - Mo's is always open. When a crime wave of dead Drug Dealers start appearing , is this connected to Mo's FTA and the fact that he has disappeared and if this wasn't enough , Stephanie is recieving threatning messages on her answerphone to leave Mo alone. Why is it that no-one will let Stephanie get on with her life and do her job in peace ? As the Dead bodies start piling and we see Stephanie and her sidekick Lula getting into mischief, will the pair of them find themselves on the top of the suspect list ? Meanwhile , the second FTA that we read about is a teen boy Stuart who seems to be evading them and when they finally catch up to them its war of the condiments. Also on the theme of love , we read as Lula has a crush on Ranger and Morelli has bought a house and seems very less-like his usual self around Steph , has he gone and got himself a girlfriend and expect a visit from Stephanie's ex-husband Dickie as he features in Three to get Deadly. Three to get Deadly was a great read like the previous two but the only downside that this one held, was that it contained alot of deaths , different plots and I found it a bit too busy for my liking.
I am so loving this series and I look forward to reading Book #4 and following more adventures of Stephanie Plum.


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