Review: Smitten - Colleen Coble, Kristen Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, and Diann Hunt

As we enter the month of February , Valentine's day sneaks upon us . For all those who have partner's its a day of getting something romantic but for all those singleton's out there for any reason , we can read and stock ourselves up on the romances of the fictional world.
Brought to you by a collection of Christian authors is Smitten.
Review: Smitten - Colleen Coble, Kristen Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, and Diann Hunt -December 2011
Have you ever been through or lived in a small town ? One, that survives on the operation of a particular business and if that business was to go under - the whole town's financial situation would collapse ? It got me thinking ,this book with the recession that for the past years has been on/off and with many smalltown businesses closing around NZ and hearing about others around the world.
Smitten tells the story of four women Natalie , Julia , Shelby and Reese - the four women have settled and made Smitten their hometown and each have big plans for their futures. When news of the Smitten Mill closing down , the town flurries into a panic as this is their main source of income - how will the town survive without the mill operating ?
Natalie , wanting to make Smitten her home along with niece Mia decides to use the town's name Smitten and play on the words as a tourist attraction , as it has worked for other towns - in the novel they use the example of a town called Santa Claus which was made into a Christmas township all year round. If Santa Claus can do Christmas , then Smitten can do Love and Romance.
The four women take their idea to the local Council forums and most of the town are onboard , but before things can get started and the women find themselves happy , they must find love themselves. Can the four women trust love ? Is their a Mr.Right for them all or is he an illusion ? Will the foursome be able to save Smitten ?
A lovely novel that will have you enjoying and if you don't have the sense of a close-knit community where you live, envying the close-knit family.
Look out for Book #2 Secretly Smitten and check out the website that accompanies the book and as you will recall in Julia's tale - the hunky country western singer Sawyer - a song called Smitten by Love is on the website.


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