Thursday, February 23, 2012

VBT# The Legacy of Eden - Nelle Davy Part 3/3

As we come to the conclusion of our 3 part tour of Nelle Davy's The Legacy of Eden , I bring to you part 3/3 - a review.
Review: The Legacy of Eden - Nelle Davy - January 2012
I had recieved this book as part of the VBT# from MediaMuscle and I was captivated by the cover , I had the one on the right as I started reading it, it took a while for me to get past the few pages as I wasn't over excited with the book. For me, it was a little bit slow but if you are a fan of the historical fiction and enjoyed books like The Secret Life of Bees , Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly . The types of novels that take place throughout the different generations . The Legacy of Eden talks to us about the Hathaway family especially the women. For generations , the house Aurelia has been in the family. It stood tall and showed class and was the crowning glory of Iowa. The house was a momument , a means to elevate and raise the Hathaway name into society starting with the Grandmother Lavinia. The house now is decaying and has become run-down , once filled with life , the house is rotting away and the youngest grandchild Meredith has inherited the home but she want's nothing to do with it , as for Meredith the Aurelia house brings nothing but bad memories. Reluctantly, Meredith arrives at Aurelia and the novel starts to pick up as it takes us on a journey throughout the Hathaway Woman and in order for Meredith to find comfort and joy, she must re-live and re-discover the true meaning of what Aurelia stands for.
A good read for fans of Historical Fiction and Family Sagas.

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