Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Wish Upon a Star - Sarah Morgan

It's Christmas time in Chick-lit Ville with Sarah Morgan's 2011 release "Wish Upon A Star"
Review: Wish Upon a Star - Sarah Morgan - October 2011
It's Christmas time and the snow is falling , it should be one of the most romantic times of the year but for four people it isn't though with the Christmas joyous season, their lucks are about to change.
Wish upon a star contains two stories both set in the Lakes District ( home of Beatrix Potter) . The first is Christy and Alessandro's tale ,  a few months ago Christy was fed up and decided to up and leave and take the children with her to London to stay with her brother Pete. Expecting , Alesssandro to come chasing afterwards , she stayed but alas he never came. Angry, she thinks he doesn't want to save their marriage but when her two children Kate and Ben want to go home for Christmas Christy tag-alongs. However, Kate and Ben have only one wish this christmas - to get their parent's back together , a real English Parent Trap. This christmas Christy and Alessandro's love for each other will have to test the time and see if there is still a chance for it to stand strong . Will Kate and Ben's christmas wish be granted ? Can Christy reconnect with her husband or is this just another failed attempt on her side ?
The second story is Miranda and Jake's tale , Jake has always been seen as a ladies man , with a different girl each week.  He has only ever loved one women - Christy , the wife of his best friend Alessandro. One day when working with the Mountain rescue team he comes across Miranda , a women who slipped during a climb. Jake feels an instant connection with her, but unfortunately everytime he tries to get close, Miranda pushes him away. For a relationship to work, one must rely on complete honesty but can the pair of them face what's holding them back in order to move on . When Miranda can't hide her dark secret anymore about her past relationship history , will Jake stand by her and prove to her that their connection is unbreakable or will he too be running for the mountains ?
With "Wish upon a Star" , this Christmas four people will discover the true meaning of love. A tale of second chances, relationship do's and don'ts and Christmas spirit.

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