Review: Fracture - Megan Miranda

A lot can happen in Eleven Minutes , Death is possible at five minutes. Probable at seven minutes and Definite at ten minutes.
Review: Fracture - Megan Miranda - January 2012
Don't you hate it when you read books , that you hold high expectations for and in a way when they don't measure up it can be a tad disappointing. For me Fracture , was half/half.  After seeing it quite alot on the blogosphere , I thought OMG I have to add that to my TBR List and when it arrived at the library, I got it immediately. This book as I was reading it though in parts , I really enjoyed it as we watched the main character Delaney fall through the ice and was under for eleven minutes in which she should have been pronounced dead but by a miracle she lived.  We read in books, newspapers, see on TV people who almost die come back with abilities and in Fracture , Delaney can sense when people are going to die. She get's an uncontrollable itch. The nove goes along with Delaney meeting a few people and getting the urge to itch occassionally . In the novel she meets Troy who it seems is like her, he knows when people are going to die but unlike Delaney wanting to save them, Troy wants to put them out of their pain and kill them - euthanasia much. Only one will survive till the last few pages , will it be Troy or Delaney - which one must fall through the ice again to complete their life cycle and restore life's natural cycle ?
A personal awesome thing was that Decker and I share the same surname and it's spelt the same way , go the double L's :)
Fracture by Megan Miranda reminded me of a cross between the book series Stork by Wendy DeSol and the TV series Medium and Tru Calling.


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