Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep

It seems that I am on a roll with this magical boarding school novels , it's given me an idea of my next literary musing for the Phantom Paragrapher.  Moving from Hex Hall we are travelling to Mythos Academy with Jennifer Estep's Touch of Frost.
Review: Touch of Frost - Frost Series #1 - Jennifer Estep - August 2011
After reading Laurie Faria Stolarz series Deadly Little ...... , I had already read and learnt about the gift of pyschometery - the gift of touching an object and knowing it's past whether it's animate or inaminate. After an incident in which Gwen Frost discovered her best friend Paige was getting abused all by touching her hairbrush and then the death of her mother Grace - who had the gift of knowing when people were telling the truth or lying. Life was hard for Gwen, all she had was Grandma Frost whose gift was to forsee the future. Gwen Frost was enrolled in Mythos Academy, a private school for the descendants of Mythological Heroes e.g Spartans, Valkryies, Amazonians etc. Gwen , the odd one out being a Gypsy. Working part-time in the school library, Gwen learns about a new artifact called "Bowl of Tears" , this was used by the God Loki to control others into causing chaos. The myth goes that Loki was defeated by Nike- the Goddess of Victory with an Artifact known as Vic the sword.  When a student is found murdered , it seems nobody else cares but Gwen - so she does her thing in order to find out who killed her but what she is about to discover is alot bigger than anyone realised and maybe the real reason she was sent to Mythos Academy.  As Gwen digs deeper into the truth, she makes new friends Daphne- the Valkyrie and Logan - the Spartan and as the novel goes along it seems someone wants to stop Gwen from meddling and ruining their plan.
A Touch of Frost will take Gwen not only on a journey of opening herself up to life and others but a journey of discovering who she really is - the descendant Champion who has served Nike's Goddess of Victory for all these centuries.
A fun story , that in places reminded me of a mix between the TV Show "Hex " , novels "Hex Hall" and PC Cast's Goddess Summoning series.

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