Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: The Case of the Lost Boy - Dori Hillestad Butler

Is your child an animal lover ? Do they prefer Dogs over Cats ?
Check out this new children series "The Buddy Files".
Review: The Case of the Lost Boy - The Buddy Files Series #1 -March 2010
The Case of the Lost Boy introduces us to Buddy - The Golden Retriever , however he wasn't always known as Buddy. A few weeks ago, his name was King and he was the dog of Kayla . King and Kayla were a crime solving duo and then one day Kayla and her family disappeared leaving King behind. King ends up at the pound , where he is adopted by a new family- Connor and his mum. They rename King -Buddy . All is going well until Connor disappears too. Is somebody stealing the children King/Buddy loves ? Now it's up to Buddy with the help of his neighbourhood friends to find Connor before it's to late so that Buddy doesn't end up with another trip to the pound.
A nice and easy to read book, that Boys will enjoy as will any child who loves animals or has the making of a Spy/Detective.

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