Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: NIV Student Bible - N/A

As a basketball is vital to well a basketballer's career , so is a Bible to a Christian. It is their wellbeing , their word of god , something to live their life by day after day.
Review: NIV Student Bible - N/A - August 2011
As a Christian, it seems quite odd reviewing a bible , as for me this is a book that is and should be my essential guidebook to life , and funnily enough when it comes to bibles I find that Zondervan is the best publishers and if you are just starting out as a Christian or have been one for a while and are a bit like me, then your preference for reading the word is in the language of NIV which translates into New International Version, this is the most common type of biblical language used in today's society. One thing that always stands out for me when it comes to bibles, is that no matter what you enjoy, whether you are female or male , old or young - there is a bible made especially for you and today's bible which is an appropiate topic to talk about as it's Sunday , is one made especially for all those students  out there. .When you make the decision to purchase a bible, as there are so many out there now, you tend to scour through the different versions and types till you find the one that screams God's perfection for you and if you are studying and at the stage where you are just not quite ready to take the next step into buying a Dad's Bible/Mother's Bible or even the step of moving into a Men's /Women's Bible then the NIV Student Bible is the Book for you.
Something I was taught when I was younger was that Bible stood for Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
The NIV Student's Bible also includes:
Complete NIV text
Three-track reading plan
Book introductions and overviews
Insights provide background information on key passages
Guided Tours offer a bird's-eye view of the Bible
Highlights present short commentary on specific verses
100 People You Should Know
Indexes, glossaries, and study helps
Subject guide
Eight pages of maps with index

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