Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Love Bites - Ellen Schreiber

One of the first ever Vampire series that I ever read besides Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse and I think that actually it may have been even before the first Twilight book all those many moons ago in 2005 as that was when the first Twilight and Vampire Kisses were released.
Get ready for the review of Book#7
Review: Love Bites - Book #7 Vampire Kisses Series - Ellen Schrieber - May 2010
One of my all-time and original Vampire/Mortal love stories and series happens to be the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schrieber. Before Twilight, the re-ignition of Vampire Diaries , True Blood became a TV Show and Vampire Academy, there once lived a series called Vampire Kisses , it was all about this Vampire named Alexander Stirling who had moved into a mansion in Dullsville and fell in love with a Gothic like mortal girl named Raven. Raven has had to keep the secret of Vampire's existence from her friends and family , she has met other Vampires and found herself in the middle of Vampire business and feuding vampire boys.
In Book#7 Love Bites , Raven and Alexander finally have the mansion to themselves minus the company of Jameson the butler. However, things in Dullsville never quite go to plan as Alexander's childhood friend Sebastian arrives and falls hopelessly in love with Raven's friend Becca who has no idea Vampires exist and also she has a boyfriend Matt. When Sebastian starts to leave goodies in Becca's locker, they come up with the story that they were for Raven but of course this gets back to Alexander quicker than usual via the annoying and irritating Trevor who wants nothing but to have Raven all to himself, he lives by the philosophy that if he can't have her no-one can . So when Raven decides to hold a party for Sebastian and her Coffin Club Vampire friends Onyx and Scarlet, she hopes to get his mind off Becca but things get a bit out of hand when Vampires Jagger and his twin Luna appear. Though of course, the sexy Luna may be Sebastian's type.
 Find out in Love Bites Book #7 Vampire Kisses Series and stay tuned for Book#8 Cryptic Cravings to hear more adventures of Alexander and Raven.

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