Review: River's Call - Melody Carlson

One of my favourite all-time Christian fiction authors is Melody Carlson , she writes for both the teens and adults audience where many only write for one or the other.
Review: River's Call - Book #2 Inn at Shining Waters Series - Melody Carlson- February 2012
As a big fan of Melody Carlson , I have loved all her books and the majority of them are all set in today's time so it was interesting to read a book she had written that was set in the late 50's/ early 60's.  As usual though , as most of us know Melody Carlson is infamous for writing Edgy Christian fiction and in River's Call she has written about a young college girl who gets pregnant. What should have been the happiest time for Anna and her new husband Clark , after getting back from their honeymoon and starting their new business running the River Inn turned out to be one of the hardest times that they will have to deal with as a new family. Anna recieves a phone call from her daughter Lauren asking her to pick her up as she has been sick , vomiting etc. Anna thinking that it's just a nasty bug agrees and Lauren returns home but as the days pass and Lauren still isn't well. Anna starts to notice Lauren's behaviours and realises that her teenage daughter is pregnant. Anna must deal now with the fact that she has a teenage daughter that is pregnant whilst trying to keep up with her christian values , what will her friends think , what will the church think ? Lauren wants to get an abortion but Anna believes abortions are illegal and wrong , she believes that Lauren should marry Donald - the father of the baby ? What should Lauren do ? Read as we journey through the next nine months with Lauren and Anna through their up's and downs.
River's Call was an interesting read as it shines a light into what that day and age was like for those young unmarried mothers or teens that were pregnant.


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