Review: His Secret Past - Katie Reus

Looking for something spicy with a bit more action ? Wanting a good crime novel ?
Review: His Secret Past - Katie Reus - January 2012
Good Crime Novel - Check , Hunky Guy with shirt half-open on front cover - Check :).  As I'm on holiday leave, I thought I would take this time to catch up with my Netgalley books .
His Secret Past takes us into the life of Hunter Cassidy and Alexis Baptiste. Six years ago, Hunter worked for the DEA , hunting down bad guys and drug dealers. He was put on a job , it was supposed to be like any other job - an in and out and then return to his normal life. However, things didn't turn to plan and Hunter found himself stabbed in the back and betrayed. He has spent the last six years in Panama , working with the CIA. Six years ago, Alexis was the girlfriend of Hunter's and was pregnant with his child , to her one day Hunter was here the next he was gone. Six years have passed and Alexis has a six year old boy named Jonathan and is engaged to Michael. Her heart though was crushed by Hunter whom she still loves , Hunter has returned to civilisation and the first thing on his agenda is to find Alexis and make sure she is safe and sound as we discover people are after Hunter and will do anything to get to him -including hurting the ones he loves.  Hunter returns just in time and discovers that he has a son , now in order to keep the pair of them safe , he must do all he can to protect them. As the novel goes along will Alexis marry Michael or does she carry a torch still bright enough for Hunter ?
Find out in His Secret Past by Katie Reus.


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