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Blog Meme - The Hunger Games Read-A-Long

Are you a fan of The Hunger Games Trilogy ? Can't wait for the Movie to be released ? Are you a Team Peeta or Team Gale ?
I have decided to participate and show my love for The Hunger Games , in the Hunger Games Read-Along hosted by my friend Larissa at http://howlingturtle-pdx.blogspot.co.nz/

Today Readers we are up to Chapter #7 : The Hunger Games.

So Readers I bring to you a summary of What happened in Chapter Seven , along with an introduction to the character Rue who forms a connection with Katniss and the music video from Taylor Swift ( I have it on my Ipod)

Chapter Seven Summary:
Katniss and Peeta are given the chance to train for the games. Haymitch asks whether they would like to train separately, and they agree to train together. When Haymitch asks Katniss and Peeta about their skills, both are overly modest, and they soon find themselves arguing over how impressive the other is. Kat explains that Peeta is strong and is a very talented wrestler. Meanwhile, Peeta points out that Kat is capable of shooting arrows through the eyes of squirrels. He concludes by saying, “She has no idea. The effect she can have,” which Kat at first takes as an insult but later...

The Minor Character of Rue :
Once The actual Hunger Games begins , readers will notice the connection of the character Katniss to the little girl Rue. The bond between the two of them is forged in Chapter #7 , so I thought that readers I would share with you - a bit about who Rue is and the role she plays.

Rue, the girl tribute from District 11, is small and reminds Katniss of Prim. Rue is able to hop from tree to tree like a squirrel, a skill that helps her outrun and evade her competition. She tips Katniss off to the tracker jacker nest that saves Katniss' life. She and Katniss ally and Katniss discovers that Rue has six younger siblings that she's had to care for. Rue knew that she could trust Katniss by the mockingjay pin that she wore, explaining that she loves mockingjays, particularly because of their music. In District 11, Rue worked in the orchards and would climb high in the trees and, when it was quitting time, she would sing a special song to let the others know that it was time to go home. The mockingjays would carry her song through the orchards. Rue is killed by the boy from District 1, and Katniss is there to sing Rue a final song and decorate her body with flowers. Rue, like Prim, makes Katniss promise that she will win, and there are moments when it is her promise to Rue, more so than her promise to Prim, that gives Katniss the strength she needs to fight on. She wants to make sure that Rue's death will not go unremembered. In many ways, Katniss' alliance with Rue is also an alliance with District 11. To thank her for her kindness to Rue, District 11 sends Katniss a loaf of bread, and Thresh, the boy tribute from District 11, lets Katniss go unharmed when he could have easily killed her. Rue, in life and in death, saves Katniss multiple times.

The Music of The Hunger Games Movie
As we all know every movie comes with it's own theme song and The Hunger Games is no different. Written by Taylor Swift , here is the Hunger Games Music Video - Safe and Sound.

Readers :

Don't forget to stop by http://howlingturtle-pdx.blogspot.co.nz/ and check out the prior chapter posts and next up is http://everydayadventure11.blogspot.co.nz/ with their post on Chapter eight - February 12th 2012.


  1. I wish I had known about this previously. I just finished reading Hunger Games for the first time - loved it- and am now reading Catching Fire.

  2. Bit of a spoiler alert for me, as I am still reading The Hunger Games (for the first time)! :) The concept of hunger games was so abhorring that I simply couldn't imagine liking a book like this. When people kept telling me what a great book it is and that I would like it, I finally gave in. Now I have to admit everyone is right! It is a great book (so far) and I do like it a lot!

    1. Sorry about that Mirjam , and I was exactly like you - the concept to me was abhorring and I never thought I would enjoy it , but I actually found myself really getting into it. I've got the other two on my Ipad. I so can't wait for the film :).

  3. Wow not a big Taylor Swift fan but this is haunting! THANKS! GREAT meme on the book! All of you guys are putting me on the spot for Chapter 12!!


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