Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Firethorn - Ronie Kendig

I don't normally read and review Military fiction on my site , it's not that I have anything against it - I adore the TV Show ArmyWives and those action type films like A-Team but I have found the writing and plot hard to get into until now , it still was a tad difficult for me to read but it was by far one of the most enjoyable I have read.
Review: Firethorn - Book #4 Discarded Heroes - Ronie Kendig - January 2012
When it comes to genres , I'm not normally a military genre chick .For me , in order to get into it , it needs to be thrilling, fast-paced and not too confusing . I have enjoyed the likes of Lee Child , Howard Gordon, Douglas Preston and now I have a new name to add to my list Ronie Kendig. His military book Firethorn was awesome and thrilling as we read the main character on the run for his life -in a way Firethorn reminded me alot of the second part of the film "The A-Team" which I loved that film and ended up buying it on DVD. In Firethorn, we are introduced to the main leader Griffin -he is sitting in a bar with unresolved issues , a military guy comes up to him taunting him about his perfect record , his christianity and of course bringing up his dysfunctional childhood. Griffin lashes out and the next thing we know , a congressman is dead and Griffin is hurt and been sent to a maximum security prison on murder charges. The other side of the story flips to what we discover is Griffin's team of soldiers - known as Nightshade which makes sense considering that was the title of Ronie Kendig's first book in the Discarded Heroes series. More guns a-blazing , people dying , people being arrested and then we are transported back to the maximum security prison with Griffin . Arriving at the prison undercover as a pyschologist is Kaci , she has come to help Griffin escape prison as she bears bad news that somebody is destroying the Nightshade team and a few of his men are still missing. On  a race of time , Griffin with the help of Kaci and a few others must find the remaining men that are alive, help those who have been arrested and find out who is behind the target of the Nightshade Crew.
A fast-paced thrilling story that all fans of Military and Justice fiction will enjoy.

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