VBT# Lovesick - Spencer Seidel Part 2/2

It's VBT# on behalf of MediaMuscle time and today's is Part 2/2 of Spencer Seidl's Virtual tour - Lovesick.

Review: Lovesick - Spencer Seidel - June 2012
Every now and again a favourite genre of mine to read has always been murder mysteries , serial killer novels, pyschological thrillers, legal thrillers . The more fast-paced the better , Lovesick by Spencer Seidel was one of those books that reminded me of a hint of Jack Kerley's Carson Ryder books and Chelsea Cain's Gretchen and Archie novels.
Lovesick tells two stories and normally I don't like this as I have experienced some authors who have written in this way and have not yet acquired the skills to pull it off in a way that it flows. However, Spencer proved that he can pull it off as we have Lisa the psychologist's story of how she was formerly abused by her then husband Dorien and how one night he pushed her too far and she killed him , the secret though that nobody knows and if she isn't careful as she works on the Lovesick Case and reporters get near -her secret may come out to the world and her life that she has worked so hard to rebuild may crash and Lisa may find her new home a prison cell.  The second story is the main tale of what seemed like a Love triangle gone wrong  featuring Wendy - the girl , Lee - the lover and Paul- the best friend. When Wendy goes missing and when it's discovered she is pregnant , the suspicion lays on Lee- her lover but then he is found dead and what comes out into the open is that Paul - Lee's best friend had a crush on Wendy and believed she was the girl of his dreams and Paul is arrested for the murder of his best friend Lee. The police believe it is an open and shut case , but as Lisa gets to know more about Paul - is he being set up by someone more powerful and what really happened that fateful night ? Who is the real father of Wendy's baby ? Is "the father" connected to the crime ?
Find out in a thrilling novel which can cross over from Older YA to Adults novel.


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