Saturday, February 25, 2012

VBT# The Underside of Joy - Sere Prince Halverson

I was sent The Underside of Joy from HarperCollins and then asked to participate in the Feb/March VBT# release.
Review: The Underside of Joy - Sere Prince Halverson- February 2012
They say happiness is something that you are born with , it is in your DNA. As "The Underside of Joy" teaches us that happiness is something that we experience but in a way I do believe that it is in our outlook on life and in our DNA whether we have a postive or negative outlook on life and depending what our perosnality and life outlook is , thats the measure of how much happiness one can experience. Ella Beanne , passed through a small town called Elbow three years ago and never contemplated that this was the town that she was going to fall in love , create an instant family and then three years later lose everything she has ever cared for , the three things that made her experience the Joy and Blissful happiness. Three years ago, Ella met and married Joe Capozzi . With Joe came two little children Annie- 3 years old and Zach- 6months , a product of Joe's first wife who deserted her family just before Joe found love and happiness with Ella. Now three years later , Ella's life has collapsed from the perfect family to nothingness when her husband Joe is killed in an tragic photography accident.  At the funeral, Joe's ex-wife Paige turns up with one goal in mind besides money , to leave with her two children Annie and Zach. For Ella , who has just lost their father can't bear the thought of losing the children too and what follows is a series of custody battles, court cases as all Ella is , is the Step-mother. Struggling with the grief of her lost husband, Ella must now stand strong as she is pushed to the limits and learn what is and who the best mother for Zach and Annie is.
A touching story that will have you in places tearing and other's yelling at the judges for outcomes made etc. 
Reader's of Jodi Picoult's , Lesley Pearse, Kirsten Hannah, Barbara Delinksey and lovers of Family saga's will enjoy Sere Prince Halverson's "The Underside of Joy".

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