Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: The Soul Reader - Gerard Webster

Are you a fan of Christian Fiction ? Wanting to find a way to recieve ARC copies by reviewing them on your blog ? Head to www.booksneeze.com , great if you are an International blogger like myself.
Review: The Soul Reader -Book #2 In-Sight Series - Gerard D. Webster - July 2011
Are you on the search for a Christian thriller to read ? Have you read In-Sight by Gerard Webster ? I recieved The Soul Reader through Booksneeze as it looked like and sounded like an exciting reader . I was a tad disappointed as I struggled to read through it , I did however wonder that if I had read the first book In-Sight I may have enjoyed it more. The Soul reader takes off one year later where the first book finished and we discover that the main character Ward's father was involved in some dirty financial business including money laundering.  It seems that Ward has dropped off the map from the women he once spent time with . In The Soul Reader , Ward recieves a blast from the past - Carrie as I gathered from the book , Carrie and Ward were an item as their is some signs of tension and unrequited love. Carrie is a writer who wants to write a book on Ward's father's activities. By doing this the case is re-opened and investigations begin all over again. As the novel goes along we discover that Ward and Carrie are over their heads in trouble and that danger is waiting for them just around the corner. As the novel comes to this part, the pace does pick up and it becomes more the thrilling read I was expecting. Can Ward and Carrie get out alive and Carrie publish her book ?
Find out in the Soul Reader by Gerard Webster , a book that I do advise reading the first one first - InSight.

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