Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: Slayed - Amanda Marrone

One of my goals for 2012 was to slowly make my way through my previously brought books or books I have sitting on my bookshelf. Today's review is a book that I recieved in a RAOK blog swap.

Review: Slayed - Amanda Marrone - October 5th 2010
In a world where Vampires were ruling literature was the year 2010/2011 , it was all the craze to read supernatural fiction and myself I loved it . I brought alot so this year is my year to catch up on reading books on my shelf.
Remember the two men who slayed Dracula - Jonathon Harker and Van Helsing , well this novel Slayed talks about their descendants we have the Van Helsing family consisting of Mum , Dad and daughter Daphne and the Harker family consisting of Dad and son Tyler. These two families have been killing vampires for years and were the best of friends until an incident occured which caused the families to fall-out and stick to their own territories until now. Called up for a job, the Van Helsings and Harkers have been employed for the same job which causes friction. Soon the families decide that the only way to make it fair is that they are paid for the vampires that their team kills. One night while out scoping the clubs, Daphne comes across a vampire feeding and kills him leaving behind though a witness Kiki who now in order to keep her happy wants to become a Vampire slayer. If Daphne training her wasn't enough for her to keep her busy, Daphne's developing feelings for Tyler Harker .
A fun, enjoyable read about the descendants of Van Helsing and Harkers.
I quite enjoy Amanda Marrone's books and if you are in the mood for a rendition of Snow White -Check out Devoured and wanting a ghost story check out Uninvited and for a Witch tale check out her novel Revealers.

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