Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: The Lowdown on Denim - Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Ever wondered about your jeans ? All those interesting tales about Denim ?
Review: The Lowdown on Denim - Tanya Lloyd Kyi - September 2011
Ever wondered about your jeans ? Not the ones that make up who you are but the ones that you wear on your bottom half of your body ? Are you doing a school project on Denim ?
Tanya Lloyd Kyi gives children the lowdown on Denim from when it first originated to jeans and denim throughout the ages from the Wild Wild West where the cowboys roamed around in nothing but an open shirt/ no shirt at all and blue jeans to the times where jeans became fashion icons. From the different types of jeans - flares in the 60's / 70's to ripped jeans in the rock ages to skinny jeans to straight legged jeans and of course the new popular item of clothing for girls jeggings - these are denim looking tights.
Told in both a comic book form and written format , the lowdown on Denim is one to keep you interested and follows the same formula as the Horrible Histories books by Terry Deary.
So next time your teacher assigns you a project about Jeans or Denim , Check out Tanya Lloyd Kyi's book which gives readers "The 411( Lowdown) on Denim."

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