Review: Private Games - James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

Are you a fan of James Patterson's novels ? Did you know he has been labelled as America's Literary version of KFC ?
Get ready for Book #3 in the Private Series .
Private Games
Review: Private Games - Book #3 Private Series -James Patterson and Mark Sullivan -January 2012
When It comes to James Patterson's books , no matter what the genre he has written in - I will read them without a doubt as he does wonders , the writing style never gets old or boring as we see with some authors when they have written 10+ books . One of the things that I think keeps James Patterson's books alive is the fact that he offers unknown authors the chance to place their writing in his story. A new series by James Patterson is the series "Private" which feature Jack Private's Investigation company. At the end of Book #2 Private London, the London office was introduced and in tragedy the plane in which they were flying in crashed somewhere over the North American oceans with no survivors, the London office lost some of their best agents including Dan Carter whom was introduced as the main character in Private London. In Private Games, it's the year 2012 and the month is July - it's that time again for the Olympic Games and is being held in London, UK.  However, somebody is against the modern version of Olympic Games and wants to harm those who have so-called infected it with their impurities. He goes by the name of Cronus - taken after the ancient Greek hero and his three assistants are called "The Furies". He aims to return the idea of the Olympics back to what it was in the beginning in Athens. As the athletes and the presenters/organisers start dropping like flies , Can Peter and Jack with the help of Hooligan and Pope - a reporter from The Sun figure who Cronus and his furies are before anyone else dies.
As always , James Patterson along with Mark Sullivan has written and presented another fast paced , action-packed thriller that will have you not wanting to put it down until the very last page.
Stay tuned for my review of Book #4 in the Private Series - Private No#1 Suspect.


  1. I love this book! Couldn't put it down! I love this series and the main character (Jack Morgan). Cannot wait for his next Private book Games, coming out in June!The book kind of drags on near the end, but overall it's an exciting, fast-paced rocker. You're gonna love it.


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