Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: First Date - Krista McGee

Today's book from Booksneeze is a YA or as we call it in New Zealand , a Teens Novel. I would have to say in terms of a Romance Christian Fiction for Teens , this would have to be one of the best ones I have ever read .

Review: First Date - Krista McGee - Jan 2012
When picking e-books to review from Booksneeze, sometimes it is a lucky dip unless the author is one you are familiar with or in this case, the cover of this book looked really good, so I thought I would give it a read and OMG it was amazing and I loved it too bits.
If you have ever watched reality TV Shows like Beauty and the Geek or The Bachelor , then it will give you an idea of what First Date is like. Jonathan Jackson, is the son of the President and his father for publicity has chosen 100 girls to compete to win a date with his son to the prom. Each school has sent a representative in and from the small christian school of Tampa, Florida - the principal has chosen Addy. Addy is definitely not the type of girl to go on shows like this and especially to win the attraction of a guy , she hasn't even kissed a guy or talked to a guy properly. When Addy arrives at the Mansion, she is in for the surprise of a lifetime as the other 99 contestants are like beauty paegent queens with talent, looks etc galore and here is just plain Addy. When Addy starts being herself and following her christian values, things start to fall into place and soon the whole of America loves Addy. Though of course behind the scenes the others are jealous , the girls think her "niceness" is just an act and the producer Hank who it seems as the show "fixed" does not want Addy standing in his way. It seems though, that whenever Hank who is like the devil in this case tries to bring Addy down or get her voted off the show , God steps up his game through Addy and she's always the one with the upper hand.  As the girls are voted off and the numbers dwindle down , will Addy remain or will she be sent home ? Who will win the date of a lifetime with Jonathon Jackson in the Book of Love ?
This was one of the best romance Christian Teen books I have ever read and I look forward to reading more writings by Krista McGee.

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