Review: Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins

Are you looking for a new witch series to read ? Wanting something fun ?
Check out Rachel's new series Hex Hall.
Review: Hex Hall - Hex Hall Book #1 - Rachel Hawkins - March 2010
" My mother says I must not pass too near the glass ; She is afraid that I will see a little witch that looks like me; with a red, red mouth to whisper low, the very thing I should not know"
Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt
Nineteen schools and counting upwards for Sophie Mercer , she is a half-witch . Her father a warlock and her mother human. With a want to make everyone Sophie casts her spells , but whenever she does something goes wrong and she ends up having to move once again. Until now , she is to be enrolled in Hex Hall. A school for those with magic , special abilities e.g werewolves, fairies, shapeshifters etc. Sophie is roomed with Jasmine - a Vampire on a scholarship and who happens to adore the colour Pink. Feeling like the odd one out, Sophie tends to try and stick by herself but it isn't easy when she's invited to join a dark magic Coven , a ghost is following her and she has developed a crush on the hottie of the school Archer. 
Sophie is about to learn though, that her magic is not like the others as her powers are stronger than anyone could imagine as we discover her father is the head of the Council of Magic and Sophie's ancestors have Demon blood in them.
If all this wasn't enough for Sophie to cope with , somebody is killing and draining the blood of all the witches in the coven and is placing the blame on Sophie's roommate Jasmine.  Now Sophie must help clear Jasmine's name as well as keeping herself safe and alert as she may very well be the next target.
A fun but a little slow in places novel that I look forward to reading Book #2 Demonglass and #3 Spellbound.


  1. I've had this book on my TBR list for too long, I really need to actually read it.

  2. The writing is really great, each chapter's end makes you beg for more, the mystery keeps things interesting and Sophie's personality and love intrigues make the book memorable. Can't wait to read the next book in the series, Demonglass!

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