Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: High Five - Janet Evanovich

Making my way through the Stephanie Plum series , what I find amazing is that I only read the first book because the movie was coming out and to be honest I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy the books but OMG I am actually really enjoying them and I so cannot wait to see the film and see who they have cast as Joe Morelli and Ranger. So readers, I bring you Book #5 - High Five.
Review : High Five - Book #5 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - June 2000
Things have been very quiet in the world of Bounty hunter ville , Stephanie is running out of money so she will take whatever case she can including the capture of a little man which will take a turn for the worst when part of his bail agreement till his court date is to stay with Stephanie . If this wasn't enough , she seems to be attracting the attention of alot of males in High Five. From Alan Sempskey, the bank manager - he is one of the people Stephanie has been chatting to for information and leads as the story in High Five surrounds the mystery of her Uncle Fred who has disappeared , we have Briggs - the little guy who jumped Bail who is now living in Stephanie's one-bedroom apartment , Mr. Bunchy - the so-called bookie who has been tailing Stephanie and she's so sure he has something to do with the disappearance of Uncle Fred , Ramirez the boxer who left a half-dead Lula in the first book on Stephanie's fire escape has been released from prison on parole and has a desire to clean up some unfinished business e.g having his way with Stephanie. However, it seems that if Ramirez wants his way with Stephanie he will have to line up as Joe Morelli and Ranger seem to be both wanting their own way with Stephanie. I enjoyed this novel as we have watched Stephanie flirt with Joe Morelli as they continue in High Five but now it seems that Joe may have some competition with Ranger as emotions and passion start to fly between the two as Stephanie does some odd jobs for Ranger to earn some extra dough.
Another fabulous story , though what I did notice was that I felt the Uncle Fred storyline was left hanging in the last few chapters and a little spoiler alert which was hilarious - Stephanie's dad Frank ends up tasered by Grandma Mazur :P and of course what would a Stephanie Plum story be without car trouble as she goes through bot one but two cars in High Five .

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