Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Rose's Pledge - Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity

Looking for a historical Christian fiction novel ? Check out one of Barbour's January releases :)
Review: Rose's Pledge - Harwood House Book #1 - Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity- January 2012
Rose has always been the responsible sister and when a constable arrives on her families doorstep looking for her father as he is to be arrested for unpaid debts , Rose decides to do whatever she can to save her father , so she gathers up all her families property and heads to the Bristol Markets to sell what she can . When she arrives home , her family are distraught as they believe they have been robbed. Rose explains the predicament and how she has managed to save her family but their is one thing she hasn't told her family - in order to get the right amount of money to save her father , she had to sell herself.  We then are transported to a servant sale and it seems that her other sisters have offered to stand beside Rose and raise the money for their family. Mariah is sold to Colin , Lucy finds herself due to Rose's help with a lovely older couple and Rose finds herself with Mr Smith. Mr Smith takes Rose on a journey with him into Indian Country, along the journey tags Nate Kinyon , he has fallen in love with Rose and will do anything to save her from Mr Smith's grubby paws and the leering bachelors. On the journey, Rose meets a young women Helen who has been widowed and hurt , Helen is not alone though, she has a little babe named Jenny . Helen's last wish is for Rose to protect Jenny, so during the remainder of the journey Rose cares for Jenny. Will Rose get to keep Jenny when her grandparents are located ? Will Rose be free of Mr. Smith and Nate recieve his dream girl ?

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