The Eternal Messiah - Jesus of K'Turia - WR Pursche and Michael Gabriele

The Eternal Messiah: Jesus of K'Turia
Synopsis: The Eternal Messiah - Jesus of K'Turia - WR Pursche and Michael Gabriele- January 2011
Everyone knows the story of the historical Jesus.
But what about the future Jesus?
Kalinda Prentiss is a renowned expert in her field of cultural  anthropology.
 In her work with indigenous cultures she begins to  see amazing similarities in their path to advancement – similarities  based on their acceptance of a religious Messiah.
Yet when she  documents her work and presents it to the scientific community,  she is ridiculed for her belief that societal advancement could in  any way be connected to God.
Treb Win has left his home and joined the military to escape the  memories of the loss of his life mate. Bereft of purpose, he tries to lose himself in his work, his goal of achieving personal
enlightenment now an impossible dream without the support of  his mate and his people.
Prentiss is demoted from her prestigious position and sent to work  on Win's obscure research ship. Though convinced of her theory  of the link between religion and technical advancement, she vows never to trust the scientific establishment again to have an open mind toward her ideas.
Win and Prentiss become embroiled in a secretive military mission  neither of them want any part of. They end up on another planet  searching for a missing freighter carrying illicit government weapons which, if discovered, could start a cataclysmic war.
Here they witness something extraordinary: a religious preacher  named Jesus appears. He brings a compelling message of faith  and sacrifice, encouraging the people to break free from their meaningless lives. His gospel threatens both the local religious  leaders and an oppressive occupying power.Win knows little of Jesus but is curiously drawn to this preacher,  kindling a spark in his long lost sense of purpose as he listens to Jesus' gospel. Prentiss believes she has the ultimate proof of her  theory, but as she witnesses events unfold which are eerily similar  to what happened on Earth, she must make a desperate choice  between her work, her faith, and trying to stop what she fears may  be the final outcome for Jesus.


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