Review: Summer Dream - Martha Rogers

I recently read a book from this author titled Finding Becky and loved it , so when Charisma House sent me Summer Dream to read and review , I was excited as I now have added Martha Rogers to my list of authors to read.
Summer Dream (Seasons of the Heart)
Review: Summer Dream - Book #1 Seasons of the Heart Series- Martha Rogers - June 2011
Set in the year 1888 in California , a world and time where women were to be courted in a correct fashion, a world where women were to marry once they became of age, a world where I just loved the whole ritual of their courtships . One of the things that I love most about Martha Roger's books is that they all feature a strong female character , someone who despite what they come up against they are not afraid to speak their mind and stand up for what they believe in, they do not waver. It's the type of characters that we need in today's society as role models. Strong women who weren't exactly feminists as they followed correct protocol and procedures , but women that knew what they wanted and they didn't let anyone stand in their way or treat them disrespectfully.
These woman show us how to be strong women of God and that no matter what happens or circumstances arise as long as you always believe in him, he will help you in your time of needed.
In Summer Dream , we meet Rachel Winston - her father is the minister of their small church in Connecticut. Coming up for the right age for what is known as "The Season" , Rachel is being sent to stay with her Aunt in Boston in order to prepare the search for a suitable husband. Rachel has her heart set on marrying a Christian man with good morals and values, but it seems that God may have other ideas in stock for Rachel as she meets Nathan Reed when he arrives in her hometown just before she is due to leave for Boston. Rachel , can't help but wonder - is he the One , the one she is to pledge her life to forever and ever ?. It seems though, that Rachel is caught at a cross-roads as Nathan isn't a Christian and he is dead set against courting anyone who is , though he feels as we learn also attracted to Rachel.
When a tragedy occurs in the small-town and Nathan is found left to die near the Winston Home . Rachel and her family take Nathan in , to nurse him back to health. As the story progresses we read as Nathan's heart starts to soften after being around the Winston family and learns the importance of family, friendship, forgiveness and Love. Will Nathan find it in his heart to forgive those who hurt him in the past and will it be enough for Nathan to reconsider following the Lord ?
Can Nathan make the decision needed for Rachel before it's too late and she is packed and travelling to Boston for the upcoming season ?
Find out all this and more in a "Summer Dream" , Book #1 of Martha Roger's new series Seasons of the Heart and readers, while you are waiting for the rest of the books in this series to be released check out her other awesome series "Winds Across the Prairie".


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