Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Tempest - Holly Hook

Wanting a novel that involves the Sea and Supernatural Powers ?
Review: Tempest - Book #1 Destroyers Series - Holly A. Hook - July 2010
Are you a fan of Shakespeare's Play "The Tempest" ? Ever wondered about Hurricanes and how they get their names?  This Teen Supernatural answers all your questions. Meet Janelle , she is sixteen years old and her and her father have just moved to Palm Beach where her father Lucas grew up. When Hurricane Gary hits their hometown , Janelle is worried about how calm her father is acting and when a boy falls from the eye of the hurricane also known as Gary and bearing the same spiral birthmark that Janelle shares on her arm , she's eager to find out more . Though, what she is about to discover is even bigger than she ever dreamt or realised . Janelle is in fact a Tempest - they are the ones that cause the Hurricanes and storms and it seems that Janelle's time is coming to create one of her own . Enter Andrina , Hurricane Andrina was the worst hurricane to strike leaving thousands dead and billions of dollars in damage. She sees the power in Janelle and wants to use her for Operation Reckoning . Can Lucas with the help of Gary and Mr Deville - Janelle's teacher save Janelle from Andrina ? Or will Andrina's power be too strong and the idea of a reward over Janelle's head be too tempting for those fellow Tempesters that want the cash ?
What category will Janelle be in terms of Hurricane ?
Find out all this and more In Tempest - a great story that puts a good twist on something as menial as Hurricanes and Storms.
It does though make you wonder where they really get all the names of Hurricanes from though , I wonder if they have a baby names book on hand and open to a random page and thinks "oh , Katrina's a good name for a Hurricane".

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