Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Sanctuary - Tanya Hanson

As we all know Im big on symbolism , and I was thinking lately that I am getting a few Christian Fiction Western Cowboy novels , so I decided to go with the picture of a cowboy and his horses.

Review: Sanctuary - Tanya Hanson - June 2011
Wanting a lovely Christian novel to get your heart fluttering and your voices going "Awhhh" ?
Sanctuary by Tanya Hanson was one of those lovely Christian fiction novels that you read about and wish , I was like the main female character isn't she blessed . Sanctuary takes us into the life of single dad John Hooper aka Hooper and his daughter Ella . Hooper has been diagnosed with testicle cancer and has spent the last four years fighting it , he has his good days and his bad. At the moment , he is on the uprise and just in time for his brother Kenn's and his wife-to-be Christy's wedding. Enter Mallie , her brother Brian aka Brash is one of Kenn's best mates from College and is to be the groomsmen, Mallie has come as Brian's plus one - she is also hiding a secret that she reveals to Hooper - she too is a Cancer survivor. The two of them click and we read as it takes two weddings for the both of them to realise that they are meant to be together. The second marriage is a surprise, which other couple has plans to tie the knot?
Find out in Sanctuary by Tanya Hanson - a novel that shows that God always has a plan for us even if we think it is the end of the world or road for us.


  1. thanks for this lovely review. I am really touched and honored!


  2. This is such a great book! Congrats on a wonderful review, Tanya!! God bless!


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