Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: Keeping You A Secret - Julie Anne Peters

I'm not normally one for reading novels of the LGBT unless they are of a great author as some of them I can't get into. One of my favourite authors is Julie Ann Peters and she writes an amazing LGBT novel titled "Keeping You a Secret".

Keeping You a Secret
Review: Keeping You a Secret - Julie Ann Peters - May 2005 (reprinted 2011)
It seems that Julie Ann Peters is having all her covers reprinted as the library bought replacement copies of her earlier books which has spured me to re-read her books.
Keeping You A Secret is one of the LGBT books that I would list as one of my top favourites along the lines of authors like Alex Sanchez and of course Sara Shepherd with Emily from Pretty Little Liars. Keeping You A Secret in a way reminded me a bit the main character of Emily as the main character Holland , is a hard working achiever who dreams of getting into an Ivy League school and whose parents are strict and stick to the conformities of a normal life. Holland had it all great grades, a loving home , a hot boyfriend until it all changed and in a way her old life fell apart. Holland meets CeCe - an out and proud lesbian and from there she starts to fall for CeCe as she does , Holland's life turns from great to sour as she faces criticism , remarks , discrimination and is thrown out of her home by her mother. Keeping You A Secret follows Holland's life as she must learn through all the nastiness to find herself , who she really is inside and with the help of her newfound friends -discover who she really is and how to stand up for her rights as a lesbian.
I think that anyone who wants to read or touch on the issue of Homosexuality should read Julie Ann Peters, Alex Sanchez or Lauren Myracle's books.

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  1. It's so great to hear of good LGBT books that are out there for teens. There aren't enough out there. Great review!


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