Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Forbidden City - Alex Archer


Wanting more adventures of Annja Creed - archaeologist who finds herself amidst trouble ?
Forbidden City (Rogue Angel, Book 5)
Review: Forbidden City - Rogue Angel Book #5- Alex Archer- March 2007
 Annja Creed is back and this time , she finds herself into the heart of trouble with not just one dead body but multiple and she's the number one suspect and add to her list of evergrowing charges - a fugitive due to a private plane ride by her "grandfather" Roux. It all started when Annja was asked by Huangfu Cao to help him find the bones of his ancestor Ban Xeu. It seems though that Annja has walked herself into a trap as what he really wants is a belt plaque that was buried with Ban Xeu. The Belt Plaque is said to have been cursed with a Fox Curse back in Loulan City- China  , 184 AD  and is worth lots and lots of money, enough for people to die over. As Annja goes on the run , not only to protect herself but also to prove her innocence - she decides to acquire the help of her trusty companion Roux - over 500 yrs old he has seen almost everything and is particulary interested in the photos that Annja has of the belt plaque. It seems though that Huangfu was not the only one looking for it - Roux's arch-enemy and ex-friend Garin Braeden is also searching for it and as we know from previous books , he won't stop till he gets it - even if it means hiring countless assassins to go up against Annja and her Joan of Arc Sword.
Can Annja once again solve today's crime of the missing Belt Plaque and restore it to it's rightful place or will Garin catch up and it be time to say Sayonara to the Belt Plaque?
Find out in The Forbidden City by Alex Archer and get ready for another Chasing History Monster's Lesson with Annja Creed.

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